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Armenian Reporter, 03/13/2004
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 NEW YORK, NY - Greg Orduyan, an Armenian-American artist living in San Francisco, California, will present his second solo exhibition of urban landscapes at Crosby Painting Studio in SoHo, New York, March16 - April 8, 2004. His previous show, in June 2001, was devoted to locations in New York City. Now the subjects that attract Orduyan are seaside cliffs, houses nestled in greenery, rooftops filled with California sunshine, and boats and wharves in the misty aura of half Moon Bay area.
"Natural harmony can be seen everywhere, from gutter views of crumbling Manhattan walk-ups to rooftop vistas of San Francisco Bay," Orduyan says. His lyrical depictions of California are painted in acrylic and gouache on paper. Inspired by Cezanne, Orduyan executes his paintings with confident brushstrokes stripping the subjects of unnecessary details, capturing only the essence.
Orduyan will teach a one-day workshop, "Painting Urban Landscapes," on March 20, 11 a.m. - 2p.m. at Crosby Painting Studio, 31 Crosby Street. The workshop is the first of three in a series of Saturday workshops offered by Crosby Painting Studio this spring. The fee is $30. Enroll by calling Minerva Durham at (212) 226-7240.
There will be a reception for the artist on Tuesday, March 16 from 5-8 p.m. Gallery hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 2-4 p.m. For more information, call Minerva Durham at (212) 226-7240 or (212) 941-5045.

Grigoriy Nikolayevich Orduyan was born into a family of artists
of Armenian decent in Moscow.


His formal art education began at the age 7, when he accepted to the Moscow Art School.
He was a rebellious teen with an adventurous soul. In 1988 he received his diploma in Fine Art and started working with the TV Animation Institute.While still finishing his studies at the Institute, he participated in the creation of four award-winning animation films produced by Union-Telefilm Studios.
Three months before his 20th birthday, Orduyan moved to New York, where he felt right at home and began painting cityscapes, exhibiting his paintings frequently.
In 1995, Orduyan moved to San Francisco to work as an art director with a famous video game developer. He resumed his practice of painting outdoors, creating a series of paintings reflecting a landscape much different from the ones he had painted in New York City.
He has exhibited his works at Knorr Gallery in San Francisco, and in New York city at Bendix Gallery, Crosby Painting Studio, Galleria Luna, Gallery 33, Mix Co. Gallery, Spring Studio, and 12 Chars Gallery.
Orduyan currently teaches video-game development at the Academy of Art college in San Francisco.

His web site is: