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Boxing Game Feasibility Report



Boxing Game Feasibility Report

Boxing Game Feasibility Report

Created by Greg Orduyan


It is a very exciting time for boxing fans and sport of boxing. Boxing has finally come out of coma it has been in for the last several years. Year 2000 brought many exciting fights expected and unexpected. Networks like ESPN, HBO, Telemundo and Fox brought boxing to wider audience helping it regain its popularity and creating a huge market for boxing video games. All Boxing games up till now appear to be designed by People who know more about video games then Sport of Boxing. In making a Sport game key to success are Realism and Attention to Details together with solid gameplay, game design, and Licenses. It would also help if game released on to any new game platform before competitors, or in between releases by competition. Other then that Boxing does not have any kind of seasonal dependency. Which makes any time a good time to stat developing a boxing game.

Reviewed games by competitors:

· N64 Knockout Kings 2000 (EA)
· PSX Knockout Kings, Knockout Kings 2000 (EA)
· DC Ready to Rumble (Midway)
· PSX Mike Tyson Boxing (Codemasters)
· PSX HBO Boxing (publisher Acclaim by Osiris Studios)

While making any sport game, you have to follow certain rules to deliver a competitive product. Making sure to have all the elements your competitor have, plus some unique futures of your own. More you build on top of what everyone else is doing more advantage you gain.

Common things to most boxing games:

· License Boxers Male\Female
· License Referees
· License Announcers
· License Commentators
· License Cut Man and Coaches
· Athletes Bios (Stats)
· 1P VS Com. simulation/arcade mode
· 1P VS 2P simulation/arcade mode
· Career mode
· Training mode
· Create your Boxer mode
· Motion-capture
· Signature Moves
· Realistic 3D likeness of the Boxers, Referees, Announcers,
· Realistic Boxing arenas
· Exciting quick pace gameplay, fast and precise respond to controls, lots of moves and punch combinations
· Advance AI (challenging VS Com. mode, AI ability to adjust to different fighting strategies of human opponent
· Sound.
· Cinematics

Those are the biggest components game developers include in their games, to compete we will have to have all of the above pushing it to be better, more realistic, and more advance.

Adding Depth and Realism:

· Victory signature moves unique and typical to particular fighters with all recognizable boxers. For example: Macho Camacho Jr. tap himself in the chest after a fight while been carry on shoulder of his crew around the ring

· Signature phrases and trash talk unique and typical to particular fighters with all recognizable boxers, for example: Ali "I am the Greatest!!!"

· Boxer choosing interface contain: biographical information, as well as detailed stats, fights history, stand, for example: 40 wins 17 losses 11 KO 1 draw, sand southpaw, 17 straight victories, undefeated 3 years, fast fight 7 month ago

· Boxer stats (profile) include confidence, experience and agility improving from winning, for example more fights more experience, more consecutive wins more confidence…

· Option to keep referee in the ring during fights.

· Cut Man, Coach (corner man) and Doctor by the ring side during bouts

· Coaches advising fighters between rounds

· Choice of members for boxer's crew affects outcome of the fights, for example: some cut man are better then the other, couches act different under same circumstances

· Ending of the Title bouts with winner's corner celebrating, champion been congratulated and interviewed

· Successful completion of Career or VS modes unlocks bonus characters and modes, like: characters from other Hit Konami games "Snake VS Alacart" and "Big head mode". That will add to re-playability value

· In Career mode creating your own boxer or choosing from a list of Famous Fighters.

· Boxer's range of moves techniques and styles expending throughout the game

· Dictionary of boxing lingo provided as a feature: explaining some terminology and answering FAQ regarding boxing

· "Boxing Camp" for Number One Contender before every championship (Title) fight

· Tips on Boxing exercise routines, for example: showing how to do boxing drills during load screen Check out:

· In Create Boxer mode ability to specify reach of created boxer, Virtual trainer takes this parameter in consideration and devise fighting strategy accordingly

· Create Boxer highly customizable, along with using scalable parameters within Create Boxer interface, player able to build a boxer in his own likeness by uploading custom texture, model and animation. This will be specially important for any game with online capabilities

· Keeping accurate record of punches been throw and landed and showing this information between rounds

Training Mode enhancement:

The biggest improvement all previously released boxing games can use in the Training Mode area that needs to be based on actual boxing drills. Which will become a foundation of player's fighting skill. Along with it by interacting with Virtual Coach player will learn about different fighting strategies unique to boxer weight, stand, and other physical attributes as well as how to find and take advantage of weaknesses of your opponent.

Recommended Adds on to Training Mode:

· To develop boxer's Stamina: Training Mode should include a jump rope drills (controlling boxer and a rope with two buttons one controls rotation of the rope another controls jumping the rest is timing… for tricks and double jumps use button combos)

· For Power: Medicine ball drills (push one button to take the ball push another to give it back keep up with rhythm) watch your punching power improves

· For Speed: Shadow boxing, will also give player a chance to practice offence and defense moves, get familiar with game controls under the guidance from the coach

· To work out a particular move or a fighting strategy Working in pairs:
Learning to fight according to your boxer physical attributes (weight class, stand, reach)

· To practice combinations: Working mitts with the Coach

· To fight for a Championship Title (Belt): Boxing camp, after boxer becomes number one contender

Possible different types of boxing video games:

· Professional Boxing simulation game
Pro: Biggest consumer market, fuelled by popularity of Pro Boxing
Con: Head-on competition with EA, Codemasters, Acclaim. Expensive purchasing of licenses and motion capture

· Game with cartoon likeness of famous Pro fighters, can be simulation or arcade style
Pro: Appealing to young and mature users, uniqueness (nothing like that have been done as far as I know)
Con: Competing with realistic boxing simulation games, requires licenses, competing with cartoon style games "Ready 2 Rumble 2" by Midway

· Amateur Boxing simulation or arcade style game (amateur boxing uses different rules, rounds are 2 or 3 min it's only goes on for 3 rounds, headgear is must, some fighters are Olympic games participants)
Pro: Unique (Haven't been done), doesn't require purchase of famous boxers license, arenas, etc… Appealing to fighting fans who follows Amateur and Olympic boxing along with pro-boxing
Con: Popularity of Amateur Boxing is not as wide as Pro Boxing, purchase of mocap required

· Tough Man (Fox) boxing arcade style with some simulation elements, (Rules are unique, no boxer with pro experience or more than 2 amateur fights per year allowed, illegal moves overlooked for the most parts due fighters inexperience, highest rate of knockouts ever)
Pro: Unique (Haven't been done so far), has a significant fan following, Hi energy fighting contest comparing in excitement with UFC. Very limited license required for "Tough Man's" show crew mostly.
· Cons: Fox licenses required, no big name fighters, this game would be indirectly competing with other boxing and fighting games on the market like Crave's UFC
(Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Perfect Boxing game include, most of the elements from categories above: Pro Boxing simulation with license boxers, "Amateur Boxing", Cartoon Boxing", Tough Man (Boxing with no rules)" as game modes,

It brakes down like this:

· "Amateur Boxing" part of Career mode (at the end of this mode you'll get to compete for a spot on the Olympic boxing team), or a part of training mode which is used to get player familiar with game controls
· "Cartoon Boxing" is a bonus mode player unlock after winning a World Champion Title,
· Boxing with no rules" Slugfest mode

Best Controller Configuration:

Directional button Up + High Punch: Uppercut
Directional button Forward + High Punch: Hook
Directional button Back + High Punch: Overhand
Directional button Up + Low Punch: Uppercut Low
Directional button Forward + Low Punch: Hook Low
Directional button Back + Low Punch: Underhand Low

Directional up/down + L and R Triggers Bob left/right